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RFID World China unveils “2008 China RFID Industry Annual Awards”

    After 20-day voting period, RFID World China announced the?winners of " The 2nd China RFID Industry Annual Awards" on January 12, 2009. The winners will receive their honors at a formal ceremony on June 24, the opening day of 2009 International RFID Technologies and Applications Show in Logistics, Manufacturing and Anti-counterfeiting at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Hall 3.

    Sense Technology was awarded as "Most Recognized RFID Reader Manufacturers of the Year", Sense-S1871 UHF RFID Mini-Reader Module was awarded as "China RFID Industry Top 10 Products of the Year".


    China RFID Industry Annual Awards is a big, non-profit event organized by RFID World China and GD-HK RFID Alliance. Awards were established to recognize companies that distinguish themselves by their successful use of radio frequency identification (RFID) and products or implementations demonstrate the benefits of RFID.


    This event attracts 88 RFID manufacturers and system integrators to participant, included 25 vendors from oversea, such as TI, NXP, Alien, Zebra, Reva, Intermec and OMRON. The event received 62647 votes from Internet, 100 selected RFID companies, 10 RFID researchers and experts, 4 RFID magazines & Medias. The number of participants almost 5 times more than last year. This indicates this event is greatly embraced and appreciated by RFID industry.

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